Fourteen years after the murder of Shane Chartres-Abbott, the vampire gigolo is still making waves.

Shane Chartres-Abbott's father and grandfather had a history of bogus religion, violence and sexual freedom that leads Shane into the sex industry.

When the Thai-born, Penny is found in a pool of blood in her hotel room, the only suspect is Shane Chartres-Abbott but from the beginning there are unanswered questions that linger until this day.

Episode 2. Story Time
Episode 3. Midnight in Room 307
Episode 1. Vampire for Hire
Episode 4. The Main Course

Police track Shane from Penny’s hotel room to a brothel where more bizarre practices unfold but this time Shane is on the receiving end. More questions emerge about the events in Room 307 and whether the victim is telling the whole truth.

Episode 5. 84 Howard St

On the day he is due to give evidence in his trial, Shane is intercepted outside his house and shot down in cold blood. The murder investigation begins.

Episode 6. Show Stopper

Three years after the murder, an inmate “The Author” confesses that he killed Shane and begins to name his accomplices.

Episode 7. Murky Waters

The Author claimed a former policeman David Waters and a serving cop Peter Lalor and others helped to plan the murder of Shane. Under political pressure, police try to prove the allegations which are stoutly denied. One of the main suspects, Mark Perry, disappears.

Episode 8. The Bounty

A $1 million bounty is placed on Mark Perry’s head amid a global manhunt. Police trawl through Shane’s client list and find some new clues.

Episode 9. Author, Author

Mark Perry is captured after seven years on the run and faces trial with Ange Goussis and Warren Shea. Prosecutors try to fit Perry’s alleged role in the murder with the Author’s evidence and end up with two different and conflicting stories.

Episode 10. God's Eye

The most expensive police investigation in Victoria’s history ends in failure. The trauma of the events of 2002/3 continues to play out in 2017.

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